monday, 14 january 2008

posted at 12:23

A year ago today I made my first commit to the AROS Subversion repository. It feels like I've been doing this forever, not only a year. I've been digging back through the history to see what I've been up to over the last year.

Here's a list of things I've done that I think are worth noting:

  • 21 January: tap.device network driver for Linux hosted AROS
  • 4 March: DOS packets and initial FAT filesystem support (minimal read-only)
  • 27 April: FAT write support
  • 7 May: Fast bitmap scaling, made Wanderer startup faster and made FFE usable in hosted and boosted it from 8 to 20FPS in native
  • 16 May: FAT notifications
  • 20 May: PA_CALL and PA_FASTCALL taskswitch and lock-free message ports for speed
  • 8 June: GetDeviceProc() and ErrorRerport() rewrite and internal DOS refactoring
  • 17 June: Pipe() DOS function
  • 21 September: hostlib.resource for calling host libraries from inside AROS
  • 2 October: Converted X11 driver to use hostlib and moved it out of ROM
  • 3 October: SDL driver
  • November (and ongoing): C/POSIX library improvements
  • 17 November: Math library upgrade
  • 3 December: thread.library
  • 13 December: ELF loader support for large objects

There's also a pile of tweaks and fixes that don't feature in this list. According to git, I've made 269 commits to the core AROS repository, adding 23182 lines and removing 12741 lines.

In addition to this, I've got plenty of work-in-progress stuff that hasn't (or won't) hit the AROS repository:

And of course, the Traveller-related work:

2008 should be a bit more focused for me, as most of the first part of the year will be working on getting Traveller out the door, and then on a few big supporting things like SysV shared object support. I don't think it'll be any less interesting as a result :)

Thanks to everyone who has helped and guided me through the many many mistakes I've made, particularly the freaks in #aros. The major reason I'm still here and wanting to work is that is fun, nothing more. Cheers lads :)