sunday, 13 april 2008

posted at 22:34

You've probably noticed that I've been fairly quiet for the last couple of weeks. Its partly related to what I wrote about last time, but not entirely. I've actually been doing quite a bit of hacking on a new project that I'm quite excited about, but I'm putting on hold for a little while so I can get back to Traveller. I'll write more about that one when I get back to it.

Other reasons are that work has been absolutely insane, so I haven't been able to send mail or IRC much during that time, and when I get home I'm tired enough that if I do want to sit at the computer I'm either playing a game or just not interested in talking to anyone.

Fortunately a big part of the last couple of weeks at work has been getting some new staff acquainted with the place and offloading some work, so next week should be much more relaxed. I still may not blog much, and I probably won't be on IRC, but I'm responding to email again at least.

My head seems to be in better shape, though I'm not taking anything for granted. Generally I found that I wasn't even having to try to enjoy myself, but on the other hand I had a couple of days like yesterday where my daughter was probably not aware just how close to death she came. So I'm hardly cured, but at least I've been reminded of what it can be like. I had a good chat with my minister who had some good advice, and I'll see my doctor this week, and I'm feeling pretty positive about the whole mess, so its good!

Thanks to everyone for your support and advice after my last post. Lots of people have told me their stories which I've really appreciated hearing. If you've sent me email and I haven't got back to you, please be patient - I will get there.

So starting tomorrow, on my bus trip, I'll be back working on the new shared object loader. I'm really going to push hard to get motivated and have something to show by the end of the week, because this bit is rather starting to hang over me. I really want to get back to the eyecandy :)