monday, 28 april 2008

posted at 22:17

There's no easy or amusing way to say it, so I'm just going to say it. My involvement in AROS, including Traveller and the nightly builds, ends right now.

Over the last few weeks I've been doing a few different things. I played lots of Morrowind, started work on a couple of brand new projects, played lots of the new Advance Wars game that I got for my birthday, read the new Ben Elton book, and a few other things. I've enjoyed every part of it. I've been doing lots of different things, stretching my brain in different ways, and not been beholden to anyone. Since I'm happier, work has been much better, home has been much happier, everything just seems good.

The whole time though there's been a tiny nagging voice in the back of my head. Thats the one that has been telling me that I need to get on with Traveller. Only a couple of months to go. I hate that voice. I've tried a number of times to get into it, but I've only added about twenty lines of code to the loader in that time.

The fact is that I'm just over it all. Every part of AROS that I was interested in I've done enough work on to learn as much as I'm interested in. I wrote a filesystem. I wrote a graphics driver. I ported some minor apps. I hacked on some libraries. Its the same for Traveller. I got it to a point where you could browse the web. Everything else is just a bonus - in these areas, there's not really much left to take my interest.

I've been over this before. This is a major part of my reason for planning to leave after Traveller. But I really started thinking about why its so difficult for me to get motivated. The question I eventually got to was "would I be trying to finish this if there wasn't a nice prize in it for me?". And the only answer I had to that was "no".

That was a rather enlightening moment. I'm a little bit ashamed of myself actually, but not surprised. I've known since forever that money is not really a motivator for me, it never has been. I think I just got a bit dazzled by the possibilities; large amounts of spare cash don't come my way too often and there's at least one neat gadget that I've been hankering for.

So all in all, I have no compelling reason to continue. I realise I've made commitments, and I hate breaking them, but I've made other commitments in my work and personal lives, and I can't do them all, so I have to choose. Once I really looked at it seemed to be a fairly straightforward choice.

It shouldn't take long to remove myself. I've already managed to offload nightly build duties, as there were some issues and recent updates that I've been rather tardy in sorting out and so someone else offered to take the build on. I'll email TeamAROS shortly to let them know that I'm ditching the bounty. I guess I'll spend a little time during the week responding to email and that should about take care of it.

For anyone who wants to take on WebKit and make a browser, feel free to take the code I've already done. Its all available via my git repository under free licenses. Do contact me if you need help; while I'm not working on stuff and won't be paying a lot of attention the current goings on, I'm quite happy to offer support and advice on specific issues.

Finally, thanks to all the nice people in and around the AROS community. I've had a great time getting to know you and working with you. I've no doubt that we'll see each other around the internets from time to time, and I'll drop into #aros when I can too.

This blog isn't closing up shop, of course. Once I'm back from playing games and reading I'll likely be back writing about whatever I end up working on next. Current interests are DS hacking, binary decompilation and RPGs. By the time I write something they may not be interesting anymore in which case you'll get to read about something else :)