monday, 19 may 2014

posted at 20:16

This place has been getting a bit run-down and cobwebby for a while, so I'm moving. Try

thursday, 22 october 2009

posted at 13:33

As is often the case with me, what started as a small hack to blosxom to make it do tags and per-tag feeds turned into me rewriting it from the bottom up. I quite like what its become, though I doubt its of much use to anybody but myself. Give me a yell if you want the code.

Anyway, now the whole site has proper tags, and you can use them to subscribe to just bits of my ramblings rather than the whole lot, which should make a huge difference considering how much I don't actually write. Oh, and there Atom feeds too if you like that sort of thing.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've moved the whole mess to a new and somewhat relevant domain, I think I got all the redirects right, so existing subscriptions should work ok.

That's all. Back to work shortly.

thursday, 24 september 2009

posted at 22:59

Tonight I wrote a simple tag plugin for blosxom (the blog engine I use), imported all the categories from the old Wordpress blog as tags, and wrote some CSS to make it work properly. There's still a bit more to do, notably making the tags into links that take you to ther posts tagged the same thing as well as getting per-tag feeds going (though the RSS plugin needs a lot of work anyway).

The plugin, for the curious:

package tags;

use vars qw($tags);

sub start { 1 }

sub story {
    my ($pkg, $currentdir, $head_ref) = @_;

    $tags = '';
    if ($meta::tags) {
        my @tags = split /\s+/, $meta::tags;
        $tags = "<div class='tags'>tags: <ul>";
        $tags .= "<li>$_</li>" for @tags;
        $tags .= "</ul></div>";


Obviously, its really the meta plugin that does most of the heavy lifting.

So now at the top of a post I write something like:

meta-tags: site perl

and tags pop out. Lovely!

sunday, 28 june 2009

posted at 20:42

Yeah, its been a while. I'm still here, and I've done heaps of stuff since last time, but I just haven't gotten around to writing about it yet. I'll get there.

What I'm here for tonight is to tell you about something new. I know there's people out there blogging about AROS. I'm subscribed to a few of them myself. I'm sure I haven't got all of them though. So I'm putting together a planet to list them all:

If you're trying to follow what's going on with AROS, it'll be good for you to subscribe to this planet, as you'll find out everything that's going on. If you're blogging about AROS, it'll be good for you to be on this planet, as you make sure that everyone is reading your stuff and you benefit from other people's popularity.

If you write about AROS, email me ( or ping me on IRC (fce2 on Let me know the location of your RSS or Atom feed, and I'll add you. Its cool if you have non-AROS stuff in there, this is about AROS people as well as AROS itself.

If this gets big and popular, I'll see what I can do to get a better URL. How does sound? :)

Oh, and I need to do something to pretty it up a bit. If you feel like doing something there, drop me a line.

sunday, 11 january 2009

posted at 10:50

I just spammed Planet Linux Australia and probably anyone else who subscribes to my feed with all the posts I just brought back to life. I'm sorry :(

sunday, 11 january 2009

posted at 09:04

I've just added all the posts from my old Wordpress blog to this. Its taken a few days since I had to write a little HTML-to-Markdown converter, and then manually clean a bunch of problems, but its here now. There's probably still a bit of brokenness, but it shouldn't be too much now. No comments yet, but I'll bring those across once I write some code to hit the disqus API properly.

monday, 22 december 2008

posted at 14:48

Well here it is, all new prettiness that I've been planning and threatening for a little while now. I've been almost about to write something for a few months but I was kinda sick of the old orange and green, and I knew I didn't want Wordpress anymore so I didn't really want to do much until I'd figured out what it would look like and all that.

The whole thing is based on blosxom, a pile of custom plugins, a sweet preprocessor and managed through git. Markdown makes it so I can just type normally and get all my formatting for free. I'm trying disqus for the comments, since I really wanted to get away from needing to run a database and the have anonymous posting which is all I really need.

I bought art from iStockphoto (that cute monster eating the rocket) because I couldn't find what for free, and I'm actually really happy with it. As usual daniel figured out all the tricky CSS bits because I really really suck at it, so its a big happy team effort.

There's not really much left to do apart from some style tweaks and sorting out exactly what I want in that right bar. Its all nice and good and happy, I'm quite pleased :)

thursday, 21 june 2007

posted at 13:46
tags: was suspended last night because I didn't pay the bill. In my defense, the registrar never sent me an email telling me it was due; I've asked them about it. No permanent harm done though.

Due to the way they implemented the suspension email destined for me should have been queued by remote mail servers, and so I should get it as they retry over the next day or two. If you sent something and you think I may have missed it (ie you got a bounce), try again, or ask me online.

tuesday, 12 june 2007

posted at 19:19

I like to write about what I'm doing. I'd actually write a lot more than I do except that I like to take the time to make what I write at least semi-coherent. When things get busy that means I often don't have as much time to write, which means it takes longer to write about everything I want to, which further demotivates me, and on and on.

Today I discovered Twitter, which is a "microblogging" service. Basically it lets you quickly write tiny snippets of whatever and have them appear in a steady stream. I don't know if its going to work for me or not, but I thought it might be a good way to quickly get my ideas down when I don't have time to write.

The sidebar on this page now has a live feed, courtesy of Velvet Sarah. I'm liking TTYtter as a client (very MUDish), though I have a few ideas for a XFCE panel client.

Anyway, we'll see how it goes. Let me know what you think.

friday, 18 august 2006

posted at 16:12

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

I have a feeling they meant for me to delete that text, but it adds a certain stale canned goodness that merely using an off-the-shelf blogging package with one of themes it ships with just can't provide.


Anyway, this is the fast track for me to be able to write a little about some of the insanity that I've been working on. I'll be spending the next few days writing up some recent journeys through the depths of IO::Prompt, overload and Class::Std, talking about the Lords of Midnight clone I'm working on, and bringing "Closures in C" back from the dead.