thursday, 22 october 2009

posted at 13:33

As is often the case with me, what started as a small hack to blosxom to make it do tags and per-tag feeds turned into me rewriting it from the bottom up. I quite like what its become, though I doubt its of much use to anybody but myself. Give me a yell if you want the code.

Anyway, now the whole site has proper tags, and you can use them to subscribe to just bits of my ramblings rather than the whole lot, which should make a huge difference considering how much I don't actually write. Oh, and there Atom feeds too if you like that sort of thing.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've moved the whole mess to a new and somewhat relevant domain, I think I got all the redirects right, so existing subscriptions should work ok.

That's all. Back to work shortly.