friday, 23 may 2008

posted at 12:10

I'm in the process of putting a heap of code thats just sitting around on my laptop into git repositories. To make my life easier I've moved all my AROS stuff into a subdirectory. So if you're looking for one of the AROS repositories or you've cloned from me, you'll need to change paths. As usual, cgit lights the way.

tuesday, 11 september 2007

posted at 09:15
  • mood: git

I'm liking git. Easy branching and merging is wonderful. And gitk is just sex:

friday, 7 september 2007

posted at 23:22
  • mood: cautiously optimistic

At the start of the week I began writing a SDL HIDD for AROS. Currently it does nothing, just prints a debug message when its init is called to show that its compiled and running. This was working on Sunday night.

On Monday I started modifying the build system to support disabling the X11 HIDD in favour of the SDL one. My plan is that you'll be able to compile in one or more HIDDs for hosted, and select between them using a command line switch. No more X11 dependency if you don't want it (and if you were doing, say, a Windows or OSX port, you don't want it), and no more hidd.prefs, which is retarded. I finished the build stuff on Tuesday.

Once I'd confirmed it was working properly, I then recompiled with the X11 HIDD to ensure I hadn't broken it. Something strange happened. The kernel booted, but then startup failed with a "illegal instruction".

I figured I'd made some silly mistake (as we know, the depths of AROS contain much deep magic and many dragons), so I gradually backed out my changes, one at a time, testing as I went. No change. I tweaked and experimented over Wednesday and Thursday, with no luck. Finally, in desperation, I pulled a fresh untouched tree from Subversion and built it. It crashed.

The nightlies were working problem, so that pointed to a problem with my build environment. After some discussion with aros-dev and some poking, I finally found out today that GCC 4.2.1 is producing broken code. GCC 4.1.3, which is what the nightlies are compiled with and what I've now reverted to, works properly. I don't know if its an actual GCC bug or if AROS code is actually wrong but used to work because of some edge case. AROS has some pretty spooky macros which could very well be at fault.

For the moment I'm happy to sit on the older GCC. I've lost days on this, and I'm just glad its over. I'm looking forward to getting some code written now.

Something I have been able to do while waiting for endless builds to complete is to read Git docs. I really like the look of it and am eager to give it a try for AROS development. I've decided I will develop the SDL HIDD using Git, so I should get the chance to see it in action. I'm not yet sure how to commit from Git to SVN yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out soon enough.

I've also made a public Git repository of the AROS sources available. These are available here: They're updated from AROS Subversion every hour on the hour. Feel free to clone and pull from these repositories; I have bandwidth to burn.

This weekend should be a good one for code, I hope.

monday, 3 september 2007

posted at 15:43
  • mood: shiny

Had a great Father's day weekend. Saturday I went out and bought my AVR and a 74HC573 for the memory latch. I have a couple of 8K RAMs that I picked up on eBay last year and some "ladder" LEDs and other interesting lights, so I should now have everything I need to start experimenting. I'm short a power supply though: it'll be a race to see whether I hack up an old plugpack or drive over to Rosanna to pick up my bench supply from my mate's place.

Sunday I awoke to Francesca awkwardly trying to climb into bed holding her Father's Day loot. I helped her up and she helped me unwrap a copy of Settlers DS (a port of Settlers II). Its got some pretty lousy reviews, and I can see why - the interface is clunky, the gameplay is sluggish and there's obvious bugs. Its still Settlers though, which was a game I was addicted to back in the day, so I'm happy. The girl also gave me a nice picture book about a Daddy bear and his kid bear and all the things they do together, and we had a great time reading it together. I do like being a Dad :) Today I found this presentation about Git, which I've been hearing lots about but decided was too much of a leap away from Subversion for my brain to handle. At the time I opted for SVK instead, and I love it, but lately I've found its starting to run out of steam which seems to be tracable back to its Subversion roots. The presentation was fascinating and enough to convince me that Git is worth my effort, so right now I have git-svn running to pull in the AROS repository. It won't be done before I go home so it'll probably be tomorrow before I can really experiment with it properly. I hope its a good as everyone claims.