thursday, 11 october 2007

posted at 14:56

Compile stuff is on hold for a little while as I wait for answers to my questions:

If you want to play with this stuff, I'm making my git repository available here:

As the name suggests, the goal is to get a standalone AROS SDK up and running. This will be a long-term project.

If you do try to use this, you'll need to edit $prefix/i386-pc-aros/sys-include/signal.h and declare sig_atomic_t. I have notes from Iain Templeton (our headers guy) and I'll be trying to do this properly sometime soon. For now just uncommenting the existing declaration is enough to make GCC compile.

I don't recommend shipping actual binaries from this yet though. I can't guarantee anything other than brokenness at this point.

For now I've installed 4.1.2 into /usr/local and will now start trying to compile JavascriptCore (a WebKit component). Focused time will be limited for the next week at least because my wife and new baby are coming home in a couple of hours :)

Update 10:00pm: I just got 4.2.2 to build and compile things correctly. The --enable-version-specific-runtime-libs switch to configure takes care of it. I don't know what changed in 4.2, and don't much care at this stage.

sunday, 7 october 2007

posted at 10:54
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Quick one. Short story: I want to port WebKit to AROS. It needs GCC 4 to build. It uses C++. AROS doesn't have any of that available.

I've just finished refreshing our GCC patches to get g++ and libstdc++3 cross compilers from GCC 4.0.3:

rob@plastic:~/code/aros/gcc$ ls usr/bin/
collect-aros            i386-pc-aros-gcc-4.0.3  i386-pc-aros-nm
i386-pc-aros-addr2line  i386-pc-aros-gccbug     i386-pc-aros-objcopy
i386-pc-aros-ar         i386-pc-aros-gcj        i386-pc-aros-objdump
i386-pc-aros-as         i386-pc-aros-gcjh       i386-pc-aros-ranlib
i386-pc-aros-c++        i386-pc-aros-gcov       i386-pc-aros-readelf
i386-pc-aros-c++filt    i386-pc-aros-gjnih      i386-pc-aros-size
i386-pc-aros-cpp        i386-pc-aros-grepjar    i386-pc-aros-strings
i386-pc-aros-fastjar    i386-pc-aros-jcf-dump   i386-pc-aros-strip
i386-pc-aros-g++        i386-pc-aros-jv-scan
i386-pc-aros-gcc        i386-pc-aros-ld

I've only compiled basic "hello world" programs for C and C++ yet, but everything seems to be working properly I'm not totally happy with the setup yet - in particular you have to explicitly setup paths to help it find collect-aros and libstdc++, so I'll need to fix that. Also its currently only GCC 4.0.3. I'll soon be patching GCC 4.1.2 and GCC 4.2.1, then do some test releases.

And yes, that is gcj you can see up there, though we'll have to port GNU Classpath before it can be useful :)