thursday, 22 october 2009

posted at 13:33

As is often the case with me, what started as a small hack to blosxom to make it do tags and per-tag feeds turned into me rewriting it from the bottom up. I quite like what its become, though I doubt its of much use to anybody but myself. Give me a yell if you want the code.

Anyway, now the whole site has proper tags, and you can use them to subscribe to just bits of my ramblings rather than the whole lot, which should make a huge difference considering how much I don't actually write. Oh, and there Atom feeds too if you like that sort of thing.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I've moved the whole mess to a new and somewhat relevant domain, I think I got all the redirects right, so existing subscriptions should work ok.

That's all. Back to work shortly.

tuesday, 29 september 2009

posted at 21:16

I love blosxom, so I persist with it, but its a nightmare to refactor. It could have done what it does just as well without being quite as clever. I wonder if that's why development on it is mostly dead. In any case, the refactoring goes well, and I hope soon to have something that does exactly what I want (which I'll talk about more soon; better to spend my time on code right now).

thursday, 24 september 2009

posted at 22:59

Tonight I wrote a simple tag plugin for blosxom (the blog engine I use), imported all the categories from the old Wordpress blog as tags, and wrote some CSS to make it work properly. There's still a bit more to do, notably making the tags into links that take you to ther posts tagged the same thing as well as getting per-tag feeds going (though the RSS plugin needs a lot of work anyway).

The plugin, for the curious:

package tags;

use vars qw($tags);

sub start { 1 }

sub story {
    my ($pkg, $currentdir, $head_ref) = @_;

    $tags = '';
    if ($meta::tags) {
        my @tags = split /\s+/, $meta::tags;
        $tags = "<div class='tags'>tags: <ul>";
        $tags .= "<li>$_</li>" for @tags;
        $tags .= "</ul></div>";


Obviously, its really the meta plugin that does most of the heavy lifting.

So now at the top of a post I write something like:

meta-tags: site perl

and tags pop out. Lovely!

monday, 22 december 2008

posted at 14:48

Well here it is, all new prettiness that I've been planning and threatening for a little while now. I've been almost about to write something for a few months but I was kinda sick of the old orange and green, and I knew I didn't want Wordpress anymore so I didn't really want to do much until I'd figured out what it would look like and all that.

The whole thing is based on blosxom, a pile of custom plugins, a sweet preprocessor and managed through git. Markdown makes it so I can just type normally and get all my formatting for free. I'm trying disqus for the comments, since I really wanted to get away from needing to run a database and the have anonymous posting which is all I really need.

I bought art from iStockphoto (that cute monster eating the rocket) because I couldn't find what for free, and I'm actually really happy with it. As usual daniel figured out all the tricky CSS bits because I really really suck at it, so its a big happy team effort.

There's not really much left to do apart from some style tweaks and sorting out exactly what I want in that right bar. Its all nice and good and happy, I'm quite pleased :)