sunday, 18 may 2008

posted at 22:59


  • Played a lot of Morrowind. Maybe too much, enough to cause the people not interested in it to not even talk to me anymore, while the people who are interested almost come to blows while debating minutiae of the details that drive the thing. Got down and dirty with the construction kit, making a fancy unlimited storage mod. Its all fun.
  • Got interested again in the details of RPGs, MUDs, etc. Still just idle pondering at the moment.
  • Thinking about Javascript again, idly considering resurrecting amber (the Javascript host environment that I started a few years ago).
  • After some Debian upgrade issues, switched from XFCE to awesome as my window manager. Still getting used to it, but I know its where I want to be given that I was a long time Ion user before tuomov went insane.
  • Read Chuck Norris' autobiography. The subject matter is interesting, though the writing isn't really anything fantastic. Its an entertaining enough read but doesn't come highly recommended, do what you will that. I am vaguely inspired to trace my family tree a bit after looking at one of the photos in the book and noticing that Chuck in his early years bears some striking similarities to my dad.
  • Messed with getting Debian on the OLPC. So far I have a minimal Debian system booting from a USB stick. As I write this post I'm working to get it onto the internal flash, and we'll go from there. From poking around the internets it looks like nobody has done exactly what I'm trying to do, which is to remove all traces of the default OS. All the instructions I can find for putting alternate systems on the machine is done either having the alternative on a USB stick or SD card, or using the "alternate OS" feature of the default system. Bugger that - if I want the original stuff back at any time, I can easily grab an image and reflash it. My aim is to have the OS proper on the internal flash with /home on a SD card. Once I get it all working I want to try putting MAME on it, using the game buttons with the LCD folded back to produce a kind of portable arcade gaming pad. Its something different at least.
  • Trying to figure out how to be a good boss to the nine thousand new staff we seem to have picked up in the last few months, not to mention the looking after the old guard too. Its really hard.
  • Been looking at ikiwiki and thinking about moving this whole site over to it. I still want the blog, but I miss having the wiki. Rolling it all in together, backed by git, sounds like a pretty sweet ride.

There's probably some other stuff too, but I think thats all the major stuff. See, making great use of all my spare time :)