sunday, 15 july 2007

posted at 21:51

Friday night I went to my brother's place along with a few other guys to play some games and have some fun. I had a ball, stayed up all night and much of the morning playing various games - Halo, Unreal Tournament (& UT2004), Half-Life 2 and Counterstrike Source. After that, I caught an hour sleep on the couch, and maybe another hour in the car on the way home (I wasn't driving). Understandably, I felt rather groggy through the afternoon and Gub finally put me to bed at about 5.30. I woke up an hour later and was completely useless - it was like my body was still fast asleep and no matter what I did I couldn't convince it to move. At seven Gub sent me to bed and I slept right through until nine this morning. I've felt tired most of the day, dozed through church (oops), and now its 10 and I'm preparing to head to bed ready for my 6am start.

So in short, I had an awesome time playing games, but lost the entire weekend in recovery. The obvious answer would have been to play all night and then sleep all day, but then I'm afraid of not being able to sleep at normal time on Saturday night. Am I just too old (27 by age, though with five years of marriage and a kid and another on the way, perhaps my bones are older)? Is there some optimal combination of play and sleep that will let me be normal on Saturday evening and Sunday?