saturday, 26 may 2007

posted at 09:16

My laptop has an Atheros wireless chipset, so that meant using the MadWifi driver under Linux. It never quite worked properly, often dropping out and some times having trouble associating with my access point, but it was always good enough that I couldn't be bothered doing anything in it.

In the last week I've updated my kernel to and Debian installed the lastest MadWifi too, and now things have got really bad. My connection to the access point will only last about 30 minutes before dropping, and it won't reassociate without a reboot. I tried backing it out but I obviously wasn't paying enough attention to what changed because it still wouldn't work. Obviously all this sucks so I started looking around for a fix.

I couldn't find anything about the exact problem, but I did find NDISwrapper, which is a shim to allow Windows network drivers to be used inside Linux. I gave this a try, not really expecting much, and to my amazement it works. I was connected for a few hours last night, and when I drop the connection and restart it it just works. Amazing.

I do like being online :P