monday, 19 january 2009

posted at 22:12

This is a rant. You're not expected to agree or care.

I bought Left 4 Dead a few weeks ago. Its a good game. Not the best game ever, but enjoyable enough. Nice idea, fun to play, etc. But, as usual, its being ruined by the internet.

I was in the mood for a game tonight so I hopped on and started looking around. I had no success finding anything interesting, just frustration. The first game had four players that based on their names were clearly affiliated with the same clan or whatever. Two of them joined survivors, the other two infected. I was survivors, and me and the other random got jumped within about a minute in while they stood idly by and did nothing. I quit shortly after.

Second game saw me on the infected side. I make some good attacks and finished with the most points, which made me happy. On our turn as survivors they somehow decided without speaking to go in another direction to what's done most commonly. Because I didn't know about it, I got seperated and they had to come back for me. I asked them to let me know if they're planning to run off with out me next time, and they voted to kick me out of the game.

By this time I'm pretty annoyed, but I decided to give it another try. The other players were at least communicative, so I knew that they wanted to rush, and I was ready for that. There's still the number one rule of this game to be remembered though - stick together. The front two rushed a little too fast through the apartments, while me and another got pinned in a place where we couldn't be saved. Leaving us behind was apparently our fault, and we got an earful for it. I just couldn't bothered after this and quit the game.

So here's a good game that I like playing and while I'm not the greatest player in the world I don't think I'm a complete passenger either. So why is so difficult to find a good game? Am I destined to play by myself forever?

So yeah, people have ruined the internet. I'm not telling you anything new. But still, sigh.