friday, 15 june 2007

posted at 20:54

Last week I got a new workstation at the office. Its a lovely piece of kit - 2GHz Core 2 Duo, 4GB RAM, dual 19" LCDs, etc, etc. I'm very happy with it - its fast and shiny, and its always nice to start with a fresh OS install. Around the same time, the box that does the AROS nightly builds died. Staf Verhaegen, our buildmaster, had expressed an interest in getting out of the nightly build game, and with a grunty box that sits idle for sixteen hours of the day and is hanging on the back of one of the fastest networks in Australia, it seemed that I was in the perfect position to help out.

Last week I got the nightly build process up and running, and I've been doing a full build every night. Its been working very nicely, so from tonight it will start uploading builds to Builds start at 22:00 my time (currently +10, so 12:00 UTC) and usually take 80 minutes to run. So you should all be able to get your fix soon :)