monday, 22 december 2008

posted at 14:48

Well here it is, all new prettiness that I've been planning and threatening for a little while now. I've been almost about to write something for a few months but I was kinda sick of the old orange and green, and I knew I didn't want Wordpress anymore so I didn't really want to do much until I'd figured out what it would look like and all that.

The whole thing is based on blosxom, a pile of custom plugins, a sweet preprocessor and managed through git. Markdown makes it so I can just type normally and get all my formatting for free. I'm trying disqus for the comments, since I really wanted to get away from needing to run a database and the have anonymous posting which is all I really need.

I bought art from iStockphoto (that cute monster eating the rocket) because I couldn't find what for free, and I'm actually really happy with it. As usual daniel figured out all the tricky CSS bits because I really really suck at it, so its a big happy team effort.

There's not really much left to do apart from some style tweaks and sorting out exactly what I want in that right bar. Its all nice and good and happy, I'm quite pleased :)