friday, 23 march 2007

posted at 13:12

I got paid from the bounty, so I went out looting last night. I had planned to buy a 1GB stick of RAM for my laptop, but the wife told me that I had to spend it on something frivolous instead. She gave me the choice - I either had to buy a Nintendo DS or a Wii. I chose the DS, because the Wii games I'll want to play (Metroid Prime 3 and Super Mario Galaxy) aren't out yet and I still have Gamecube stuff to finish. Gub says she'll get me a Wii for Christmas :P

I've been pining for a DS ever since Daniel got one and regaled me with his tales of derring-do every fricking morning when I got in to work. I bought MarioKart DS so that I can have a clue of what he's talking about (although I already get some of it having played previous MarioKart games), and picked up New Super Mario Bros as well.

So far its fun. MarioKart is always entertaining, and I've always liked Mario in 2D, though this one doesn't yet seem to have the depth that Super Mario Bros 3 did, back in the day). My brain is not quite in the right place to play lots of games yet - still full of work and code. It'll be fun for ten minute breaks though.

It could also be fun for homebrew stuff. This card looks like a great way to get started all in one go. A bit pricey though - nearly the cost of the console! AROS could be fun on this thing, haha. Maybe later :)