friday, 10 april 2009

posted at 00:18

She's here!

Penelope (Penny) Norris arrived just before 2pm Thursday by caesarian section. Compared to her sisters she's tiny at 3.4kg (7.5lbs), but she's still got the patented Norris large head. I've already poked fun at her with things like "orange on a toothpick" and "sputnik", but I encourage you to join in too.

Her head is cute actually. Its almost spherical with a squished old-man face right in the middle. She frowns a lot too so she really does look like a grumpy old man.

We're still trying to work out who she looks like. At first she appeared to be a clone of Beth (her 18-month-old sister), but having spent the day with her she really seems to be taking on a bit of a look of her own. So far I think she might look a bit like my eldest younger brother.

Anyway its late and I'm tired, so off to bed. Tomorrow I take Francesca in to meet her. Thats going to be insane.