thursday, 26 july 2007

posted at 09:11
  • mood: toys
  • music: katie melua - piece by piece

Gub got a nice tax return a few days ago (love family tax benefits) and insisted that I spent some of it on myself. So I looked around and found the RAM upgrade for my laptop that I priced at $169 a couple of months ago was now down to $99. I'm not passing that up, so as of yesterday at lunchtime my laptop has a nice new 1GB stick in it, taking me up to 1.5GB (ish, you know how inaccurate all these numbers are). Its noticably faster.

The spending spree isn't over yet - I've also been instructed to buy a DS game. Advance Wars: Dual Strike looks like it will be the winner. I'll go looking for a pre-owned version from EB tonight. If I can get it cheaper, then I'll have a little bit over to buy a C64 DTV, which I notice Target had squillions of at $25 a pop.

New toys make us powerful and happy :)