wednesday, 31 december 2008

posted at 10:32

I've had a nice week. Christmas things were awesome, lots of fun and I scored very well - my own copy of Settlers of Catan and the Cities and Knights expansion, some tshirts, IT Crowd and Frontline DVDs and some DS accessories. People are learning my tastes well, it seems :)

Sadly I've managed to break my DS. I put some screen protectors on it a while ago but they've got pretty scratched, so I decided to replace them. When I lifted the one off the bottom screen I managed to bring the touch lens with it, so even though I've put it back on the touch screen doesn't work. I can still play most games and I wasn't playing it much at the moment anyway, so getting it fixed isn't desperately urgent, but its a bit annoying. I'm still looking into repairs. I can get a brand new LCD+touch screen element for about $70, but I'd have to install it myself and I don't know if I really need all that since the LCD works. I'd need to get special screwdrivers too. I'd rather just get someone to fix it for me but since i can get a new one for $190 I'm not sure how much effort it is. I'll probably leave it until it starts to become a problem.

Sunday was game time, mostly Left 4 Dead, Counterstrike and Day of Defeat. We also played Ricochet which is really quite cool if a little simple. All good fun, as usual. Tonight is more games, this time of the board game variety. In reality it'll just be Settlers since everyone knows how to play already.

I watched all of the Boxing Day Test, which was an excellent game even if we did lose. I predicted at the end of day two that we'd lose even though we were in a position where a loss was close to impossible, and so it came to pass. Go seer. Apparently on day two South Africa were at $13 to win; shame I didn't get some of that action.

In between all this I've done the gardening, got hold of a really awesome wooden cubby that I'll put together for the girls in the next couple of days, done a pile of chores, read lots and generally had a nice relaxing time. Gotta go back to work on Monday but I think I'll be pretty flaked by then which is exactly what I needed.