sunday, 19 april 2009

posted at 17:21

I've booked a hard rubbish collection with the local council for next week, so I've spent the last few days piling stuff on the nature strip. Its been very purging, and the garage is looking great. As usual a few things have been "stolen" from the pile, which is fine with me - better someone gets some use out of it. What has me curious is why people have chosen the things they have. For example:

  • I put out the six pieces of a plastic kids cubby (four walls and two roof pieces) that broke in a storm. Someone has taken two walls and two roof pieces, but left the other two walls.
  • I put out a laser printer which as far as I know works fine except for needing toner. Fair enough to nab it, except that whoever took it left the paper tray.
  • I put out two computers. One was an old Pentium II in perfect working order (even has a disk and memory in it), but the case was in terrible condition. The other was an ancient HP Vectra that I gutted for parts such that all I threw is the box and motherbord. The first is still there, the second is gone.
  • I put out a box containing three broken CD drives, four broken floppy drives and a bunch of random cables. It got taken within half an hour of going out.
  • I put out a fully working G3 iMac (one of the original blue ones). It got taken, and in its place was a fully working G3 PowerMac (again, the blue one). That one I grabbed myself for contemplation and hacking.

So I'm not quite sure what people are thinking. I suppose if you can find a use for my junk then more power to you.