friday, 18 september 2009

posted at 22:25

Ooh, it has been a while, and a lot has happened. If I wrote properly about everything, I'd be here all day, so here's my usual long list of stuff I've been up to. Much of it is interrelated in strange ways, so this is not necessarily chronological. You'll get over it.

  • pyro, my trusty laptop, suffered a massive hard drive crash about a month ago after a bungled gparted session. I have backups of all the really critical stuff, so it wasn't a complete tragedy, but there's plenty of stuff that I may have lost. I say "may", because via the magic of e2extract I seem to have determined that while the directory structure is completely destroyed, most of the data is intact. I currently have a 120GB filesystem image sitting on an external hard drive waiting for me to get around to sifting through it for data.
  • as a result, I haven't really touched any AROS code since then. Unless I can save my git pack files, I actually have lost quite a few of my private development branches (anything not saved to The hosted rewrite is still there at least, should I ever decide to get back to.
  • so, laptop rebuild. Its actually much better put together now, I think. The Linux side has less warts than it did before, and most of the hardware seems to be working just fine. On the Windows side I installed Windows 7, and I'm actually quite impressed with it (and I've never been impressed with Windows in the past). It seems to perform much better than XP ever did (I never tried Vista).
  • I bought my wife a new laptop, and installed 7 there too, and she's very happy with it too.
  • not one to make the same mistake twice, the very next day after the crash I went out and bought a 1TB external drive and bolted it to our home server and setup automatic backup regimes for both our laptops. This is particularly good for the wife, who has several gigabytes of photos from the last five years of our life (since the kids have been around).
  • without much motiviation to salvage my code, and with work proving rather taxing on my brain, I started spending my evenings loading up Windows and playing Left 4 Dead. A lot. They recently released support for third-party maps and stuff, so my brothers and I have been trying some really great new campaigns and having a lot of fun with it.
  • then the really interesting bit happened. I was approached by another area within my division and was asked if I was interested in coming across to work on an extremely interesting new project. I can't go into details yet (the whole thing is still tied up in legals), but essentially I'm getting paid the same to cut code and design systems, with no management responsibility of any kind. This is something close to my dream job and something I never thought I'd be able to get at Monash, so after a token amount of consideration I left my job of nine years and took the plunge. Today is my fifth day and so far I'm loving it - the work is interesting, the enviroment is comfortable and the mood among my coworkers is very happy and light, which makes a huge difference from the doom and gloom that permeated my former life. I do miss my team though - I've worked with some of them so long that they've become like family to me. At least they're only a short walk away, so I can still get a coffee with them from time to time.
  • for various reasons I'm not allowed to keep my laptop, which belongs to my old department (though they're kindly letting me continue to use it for a little while), so my nice new job have bought me a nice new laptop. Christened junai, it arrived yesterday and I should be able to bring it home and switch to using it full-time today. Cloning a Debian system is trivial, by the way.
  • the new job is all Perl, which I unfortunately haven't had much time for lately, so as well as enjoying the day I'm finding I'm getting home and wanting to work on that too. Since it fits in with work doing it on my own time is actually just more of the same rather than being yet another thing I have to try and fit into my life. As such, I'm thinking I might spend some of my spare time getting a pile of unreleased code into shape and onto the CPAN, and maybe, just maybe, getting along to the occassional meeting.

I think that's everything. The other thing I'm going to try and do is blog a little more often, probably by lowering my standards a little and not writing an epic tome each time :)