saturday, 12 may 2007

posted at 23:14

I got a new mobile phone this week. My old phone (a O2 XDA II mini (also known as a HTC Magician)) has been steadily degrading over the last few months, and got to the point where both the internal speaker and the headset would not produce any sound, of course making it impossible to receive calls. The PDA aspects of the phone I loved, but I still need it to be a phone.

I've now sworn off anything from HTC, as I expect something that costs over $1000 to last longer than 18 months. Looking around a little, I settled on a Nokia N80, which arrived on Thursday. Its a sweet little piece of kit, and its really nice to carry a phone around again. I got a 1GB miniSD card as well, as I'd gotten used to similar capacity on the XDA for my music, which I really need for the bus trips.

I'm now in posession of three ARM devices: The N80 (ARM9E/ARMv5TE), the XDA (XScale/ARMv5TE), and my Nintendo DS (dual-processor, ARM7TDMI/ARMv4T and ARM9E/ARMv5TE). All three have the ability to have additional software installed, the XDA works well (just no sound) and isn't being used, and the DS has some awesome homebrew options (Daniel is showing off some fun stuff in the office). I'm running out of excuses to not port AROS to ARM.

The other cool thing(s) about this phone is the fact that it has built-in 802.11 wireless and a sexy browser based on WebKit. Its been enough to get me interested again in porting WebKit to AROS, which obviously is the major piece required to get a viable browser there.

Oh the time required. Horrors!