tuesday, 31 march 2009

posted at 22:16
  • mood: positive
  • music: regurgitator

Oh boy, long time. Probably about to get longer given that in just nine days, assuming all goes to plan, I'll be the proud father of three girls, up from the two I have today. So with that in mind I though it best to do the big dump list of everything that's been happening lately so I don't have it swimming around in my head too long.


  • As mentioned, I have a new kid arriving next week. I'm spending a great deal of time getting stuff done around the house in preparation for that and generally supporting my wife, who remains in good spirits despite spending being exhausted all day long and still somehow managing to take care of the other two, both very demanding in their own way.
  • The upcoming larger family has required upgrades, so we now have a larger car, larger couch and larger tv.
  • The family won't be getting any larger after this, courtesy of Dr. Walters. I can't recommend him enough for this type of thing; he was fast, non-threatening and completely transparent. The only downside of the whole experience is that I didn't get to be number 13000 - I had to settle for 12980. Ok, the only other downside is that I don't have access to the totally insanely awesome sleep drugs he uses. I was out chasing space shuttles and I liked it that way!
  • I've been seeing a psychologist to help with my brain problems. She's been awesome, though I'm not very good at doing my homework which I think may be annoying her a bit.


  • Work has been crazy, the same project I've bene working on for the last two years continuing to kill me.
  • But, there's been a big change in the last two weeks. In the hopes of making the project go faster, the entire project team has been whisked out from under me and reassigned to a new manager they've imported for just this purpose. At the time I had some pretty serious reservations about it all, but as me and my boss work through all the transition and handover stuff with them we're increasingly finding ourselves with plenty of time with which to contemplate all the work that we've wanted to do in the last couple of years but couldn't ever get priority for. Work is suddenly relaxing again, and in a little while might even be fun! Imagine that!


  • I've been hacking on OpenTTD a lot in the last couple of weeks, finding my way around the codebase by implementing a new kind of depot. Great fun, highly motivating.
  • Gub bought me a new DS to replace the one I destroyed, and I've been liking the new GTA game, so much so that I may actually buy it soon (yarr).
  • Given the aforementioned new tv, I've been looking for ways to hook up my older game consoles to it via something other than composite, which while not bad from the Gamecube is a complete disaster from the N64 with a tv that can see every flaw in the produced image. Whatever I do is going to end up being a big job but in the course of my searching for details I've found the magnificent GameSX.com and their RGB+Video forums. I'm slowly working my way through just about everything here, but its becoming increasingly obvious that I require a XRGB-3, but $600 is a bit out of my price range. Lots of study required to figure out what I can do myself, though I suspect I'll run into the same problem I always have with hardware hacking in that I don't have the equipment required to make it happen. Its fun to think about it at least!

So yeah, thats where I'm at. I guess you won't hear from me for a while again, except next week to post some pics. Lucky you!