wednesday, 12 september 2007

posted at 18:45
Another quickie: `hostlib.hidd` in action:

What this is is a test program that uses hostlib.hidd to load, get function pointers for SDL_Init(), SDL_SetVideoMode() and SDL_Quit() and then calls them to open a window (that big empty one at bottom-right).

The debug output you can see in the bottom corner is just method calls and their arguments so I can follow the flow:

[hostlib] HostLib::New
[hostlib] HostLib::Open:
[hostlib] HostLib::GetPointer: handle=0x0826eaf0, symbol=SDL_Init
[hostlib] HostLib::GetPointer: handle=0x0826eaf0, symbol=SDL_SetVideoMode
[hostlib] HostLib::GetPointer: handle=0x0826eaf0, symbol=SDL_Quit
[hostlib] HostLib::Close: handle=0x0826eaf0
[hostlib] HostLib::Dispose

There's probably a million things you can do with this code. I'll be using it to write the SDL hidd. I wonder what others will come up with.