saturday, 23 june 2007

posted at 16:37

(Slight exaggeration in title? Possibly.)

I took Francesca bowling today, which we've never done before. In many ways, we still haven't. I bowled my first frame and then it was her turn. She picked up her pink ball from the rack, held in both hands because she's still small, and then tripped on the step. Her hands hit the ground, and the ball on top of them. She screamed of course, and shortly after we had blood everywhere.

We went to the nearest local doctor, who took one look at it and sent us to emergency at the hospital. Being a kid she got fast-tracked, so we were in and out in under four hours. She had to have X-rays, and it turns out that she fractured the tip of her left pinky finger. She has a horrible jagged gash on the tip that goes right down the bone, and she's ruined the nailbed, so she'll lose the nail. Being so little they just dressed it and sent her home. Young bodies heal quickly.

Francesca was amazing through the whole thing. She was her usual cheerful self through the entire ordeal, happily playing and laughing with me while we waited. She never complained even when it was difficult to do something with only one hand; she just found a way to compensate. The only time she cried was near the end when they were doing the final dressing, and those cries were mostly her saying "I'm tired and I want to go home." Fair enough - by that time she was two hours past her nap time and hadn't eaten for four. We shared some banana and some chocolate just after they let us go, which was nice.

I asked her about bowling on the way home. She's not exactly bubbling with excitement at the prospect of doing it again, but neither is she averse to the idea. Its not often that you're left in awe of your children, and its really nice when it happens :)