thursday, 5 july 2007

posted at 15:56

Fast update, just about to head out of the office for another day.

Work has been psychotically busy, leaving me with very little brain space at the end of the day, so I haven't done much code in the last few days - its just too hard to think. What I have been doing is updating my entry and the System entry over at the CSDb. Finally, you can get some insight into where I came from. There's still a bit of stuff to upload and cross-reference, but its much more complete than it was a week ago.

I'm also idly pondering this demo that we're wanting to make. I've started experimenting with the assembler portion of cc65, because it seems to have pretty much everything that I might want. I'm not yet sure how to get it to link things using a custom memory map rather than it just assuming it has the run of the place, but I think I know where I'm going wrong. I'll have another crack at it on the bus, using the vector part I wrote TEN YEARS AGO this month. Good grief.

After that I guess I'll poke at something AROS again. I am unfocused at the moment, but I'm fortunate that AROS is too - there's plenty of places where I can fiddle for an hour, fix or add something tiny, and it still counts as progress.