monday, 17 march 2008

posted at 19:20

I was working on the loader and thinking about blogging about it, and realised I needed some diagrams to adequately describe what I was doing. I've used various diagram software in the past, and it all sucks. I'm good at doing ASCII diagrams, but they look crap. So I spent a few days working on a diagram parser with a view to making it drive a cairo-based renderer of some sort.

That was fun and interesting project for a while until it started to need some actual theory behind it. Daniel and I discussed it a bit and came up with some interesting ideas about how it might be made to work, but it suddenly became an effort so I decided I couldn't be bothered with it for the moment.

This morning I decided to have a bit more of a go at the loader, but found I really couldn't get into it. It was much more fulfilling to continue messing with Morrowind, a game that I've been trying out this week (mostly because my laptop doesn't have the grunt to run Oblivion).

With a holiday coming up next week over Easter, I think I know what's happened. My brain is tired, and it sees a break coming, and has shut down. So I'm not going to push it. I'm going to spend this week playing my game, next week holidaying without a laptop at all (though I may take the DS), and generally taking a break.

If I do it right, I should come back refreshed and ready to work on actual things again :)