monday, 27 august 2007

posted at 14:10
  • mood: distracted

Another week of not much. The weather is glorious at the moment; yesterday I spent a couple of hours outside mowing the grass, which is a pretty huge undertaking. It looks fantastic and has got me motivated to tidy the rest of the garden and finally get the garage sorted out, which I'll probably try to do a bit in the evenings this week, particularly if it stays warm(er) after the sun goes down.

I've finished reading the AVR book, and have most of the design for the graphics driver done in my head. I'm pretty much settled on the ATmega162 for starting out, as it should have everything I need - too much program memory, plenty of internal RAM, a JTAG mode and enough pins to hook up an external SRAM. Jaycar have them for $20, so I have a cheap supply without having to do crappy mail-order stuff. I still have to sit down and write down the whole design to produce a parts list, but once thats done I can go shopping. The plan is to do that on Saturday morning, taking the girl to Ringwood on the train. She's been begging for a train ride for a while now, so that should take care of both.

Gub recently our services to MOPS Australia (of which she is the coordinator of group at our church) to bring their website out of 1996. To this end I've installed Joomla! and am trying to learn a bit about what makes it tick. PHP is horrible, and the community is weird, but it looks like I'm not going to have to write too much code, which is good - this really has to be off the ground before the baby arrives.

I got my AROS tree up to date and building this morning, as I really need to write some code again soon, my brain is ready for it I think. At the moment I'm just fiddling, getting a feel for the code again and seeing if there's anything that I really feel like playing with. I'm not committing to anything yet, nor am I soliciting suggestions, gentle reader ;)

Back to work. We're on a tight deadline. Don't ask.