monday, 27 april 2009

posted at 08:23

It was my birthday last week, so on Saturday a bunch of friends and family joined me for lunch at a nice little café near my house. I had an awesome time and felt very special, yay :) The big surprise though was people's overwhelming generosity. Gub had let everyone know about my project and so I'm now sitting on a fat wad of cash to support it, more than I'm probably going to need to get everything to make this happen. So yeah, pretty amazed.

So yesterday I ordered the SCART-to-HDMI converter that is the critical piece in all these. I'm expecting it to arrive late this week or early next. While I'm waiting I need to make a list of parts I'll need to make the necessary cables and connectors. I'm thinking on Thursday I'll head to RS to get what I need. I'd usually go to Jaycar but they don't appear to have SCART connectors. On the other hand, they do have the cheapest HDMI cables I'm likely to get, so maybe I'll just order a single SCART connector online and then build a single adaptor or something. Haven't quite figured it all out yet.