tuesday, 15 april 2008

posted at 23:17

Late last year I wandered into my local optometrist to have him check out the weird dots I could see sometimes in bright light. He told me that it was entirely normal and nothing to worry about, but in the course of testing it turns out that my eyesight is not quite right, though not so terrible that I would have known.

But I saw the crisp edges on the text used for the tests, and that memory has haunted me since. Every time I've read a road sign, book, whatever, I've been acutely aware of how blurry the edges are. So a couple of weeks ago I chose some frames that I liked and handed over the cash needed to turn them into proper spectacles.

I picked them up today, and I'm having a little trouble getting used to them, but I'm stunned at just how crisp the text on my screen is right now. It had never occurred to me that antialiased fonts might not have to look blurry around the edges. Everything just looks so unbelievably crispy. While playing Morrowind tonight, I could see the seams where polygons of different texture quality joined. Its amazing.

I'll try and them out at work tomorrow, of course. I'm really interested to see if they help me feel less tired by the end of the day.