sunday, 28 june 2009

posted at 20:42

Yeah, its been a while. I'm still here, and I've done heaps of stuff since last time, but I just haven't gotten around to writing about it yet. I'll get there.

What I'm here for tonight is to tell you about something new. I know there's people out there blogging about AROS. I'm subscribed to a few of them myself. I'm sure I haven't got all of them though. So I'm putting together a planet to list them all:

If you're trying to follow what's going on with AROS, it'll be good for you to subscribe to this planet, as you'll find out everything that's going on. If you're blogging about AROS, it'll be good for you to be on this planet, as you make sure that everyone is reading your stuff and you benefit from other people's popularity.

If you write about AROS, email me ( or ping me on IRC (fce2 on Let me know the location of your RSS or Atom feed, and I'll add you. Its cool if you have non-AROS stuff in there, this is about AROS people as well as AROS itself.

If this gets big and popular, I'll see what I can do to get a better URL. How does sound? :)

Oh, and I need to do something to pretty it up a bit. If you feel like doing something there, drop me a line.