friday, 3 august 2007

posted at 10:47
  • mood: tactical
  • music: pearl jam - rearviewmirror

Long time hey. I'm having a week off. So far I've been away for a couple of nights alone with my wife, been to the zoo, visited my mum and my in-laws, had dinner with some C64ers from years gone by and done several hundred other odd jobs. Its all been lots of fun and very relaxing.

I haven't written any code and have barely even touched my laptop, all because of a highly addictive game that I picked up last week. With the DS being as portable as it is, I've had a lot of time to play - on holiday, in the car, before bed, etc. I typically play the DS for maybe an hour a day and the battery lasts a couple of weeks. Its currently in the middle of its fourth charge since Saturday. That should be telling.

So far I've nearly finished the campaign, then I'll dive into the standalone maps and start trying to unlock stuff. I'm not going to review it or anything like that, but if you care at all about my opinion (and you don't) you will go and buy this game today. You'll buy a DS to go with it if you don't already have one.

I'll probably try and get hold of the earlier GBA versions too. From what I can tell they're just as good, and the story ties in too. And there might be extra unlockable things in the DS version if you have the GBA carts inserted. Oh, and there's another one coming out in December, supposedly. I may never write any code again.