friday, 18 august 2006

posted at 16:12

Lately the code I've been writing for work and for play has been doing more and more interesting things by means of subtle and clever gymnastics. I've felt the need to write about them. This is where that writing takes place.

My approach to technical problems, particularly when software is involved, is to first think "it can't be that hard." I won't be told that I can't do something - a computer can do just about anything, given enough time (both programmer and run time). Whether you should do something is another story, but it never hurts to speculate.

Conversely, I like to be challenged. I like it when someone says "you know, you should make ," for insane and/or impossible values of X. Thats also an open offer for you to throw up a challenge, by the way :) The other thing is to take everything here with a large dose of tongue-in-cheek. I have an opinion about everything, especially the things I don't know about. I'm probably wrong, and I'm content :)

What wackiness do you do with the computer? Send me some email: